50,000 holders! We have landed on Titan, Pandora awaits

All thanks to the Saturna community!

In less than two weeks, Saturna has launched itself to another platform achieving this 50,000 holder milestone, and we are excited to show you what’s in the works as we collect ourselves and march forwards to continue exploring the next moon and the one after that.

For starters, the NFT Marketplace is fully underway as you can see above, meaning it won’t be long before Saturna is functioning as one of the largest outlets for NFT’s on the only populated chain with low gas fees.

And already we’re off to work creating and commissioning NFT’s to fill out the marketplace while you polish your submissions for when this baby goes live!

Keep your eyes peeled for a release date!

This card collection is a natural starting place celebrating how far we’ve come with Saturna and a reminder of how much is possible simply from holding the token.

With new partners joining the team in Ryan Ross, an influencer with over 700,000 followers who has worked with brands such as Adidas and Hyundai, as well as Kevin Kwong, an artist counting Facebook and Adobe among his clients, the well of experience continues to build.

This is all going to be delivered on a new website design befitting a token of this stature, with mention, of course, of now THREE audits, requested and delivered by the Saturna team.

Which is only the tip of the ice rings as we all await for the unveiling of the mysterious Project Luna…

Stay tuned Saturnauts.

Fastest growing token on BSC. Join Saturna as we launch from moon to moon!