There’s always another moon coming with Saturna

In such a short time, Saturna has reached beyond where most had dreamed of going. $100M market cap has already been smashed on way to an ATH of $110M in a record four days and while we are grateful for the reception of the community, it is far from the top and was never the destination planned for Saturna.

No, not when we’ve only unlocked four moons for you all so far. There is still so much to be discovered, so much farther to go, and so many fucking gains there are still left to be had.

You see, Saturna has done all of this faster than any coin ever has period, marching to 25,000 holders in unprecedented time, and in this shifting market, this is the kind of momentum you want to be riding with.

And the coin isn’t listed on a CEX yet. It hasn’t been on CMC or CoinGecko yet. It hasn’t gotten it’s turn on Vice and Newsweek yet. It hasn’t breached the inevitable 100,000 holder mark, unveiled its next two major developments, and it hasn’t yet seen the maximum potential of its outreach.

No, Saturna is only just beginning. With 5% reflection taxes designed to protect holders from swing traders and another 5% heading to liquidity to keep the price floor rising continuously, Saturna is built to last and eventually become too big to fail.

With an ownership-renounced contract, meaning no dirty mint feature, and all initial LP burned, this project is community-run and protected from bad actors looking to take advantage of those looking for a safe game to play.

While you might ask yourself if this opportunity is here to stay, understand that much like the powerful adult entertainment chooses in the disc format wars, the memecoin market is a seductive creature. It is decidedly being most people’s first gateway into cryptocurrency past BTC.

After all, why wouldn’t it! Most people just see cryptocurrency as gambling anyway, they just want a taste of the apple. So when you see the normies pouring into the space, understand that there is still so much more to grow. So much more to see for Saturna as the next coin that already has everyone’s eyes firmly attached.

Coming soon…

And this kind of support has occurred before introducing the NFT marketplace functioning directly on the site, huge public influencers partnering to celebrate the 25,000 holder mark fully flexing their reach, and listing after listing after listing already submitted and on the way.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the recently released whitepaper. We demonstrate and explain with it the level of attention and detail that went into everything you’re seeing unfold this week.

With so much left to go and many secrets left on our trademark Moon Landings map, it’s only a matter of time before this says goodbye to this stratosphere and blasts off into the next.

With Saturna, there’s always another moon coming, so we’ll make sure you don’t miss out.



Fastest growing token on BSC. Join Saturna as we launch from moon to moon!